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Periods in database filenames - doug - 06-28-2016 04:05 PM

As noted in the following it is not good practice to have a period in a filename other than for the file extension:
ValueListItem bug
Design functions fail when filename has a dot in it

In the process of determining that this was the root cause, it was noted that the length of the filename also has an affect on the outcome.
Using copies of the same file but with different filenames gives different behaviour for ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "RM_Child_Ver" )
It was noted that Get(FileName) dialogue box will display the name prefix correctly (prior to .fmp12)

NOK Sigma_2016-06-21_14.00.fmp12
OK Sigma_2016-06-21_14.00_Modify_Find_Error.fmp12
OK Sigma_2016-06-21_1400.fmp12
NOK Sigma_2016-06-21_14.00.Copy.fmp12

The real solution was tested in Sigma_2016-06-21_14.01.fmp12

Changed: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "RM_Child_Ver" )
to: ValueListItems ( "" ; "RM_Child_Ver" )

OK Sigma_2016-06-21_14.01.fmp12

RE: Periods in database filenames - Sam - 06-28-2016 04:18 PM

Sigma uses time stamps in lots of saved file names. This is generally done using the custom function "GetTimeStampString" which produced a file system friendly string. It basically substitutes out periods and spaces and replaces them with _ and -.