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10-20-2016, 07:37 PM
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Hi Sam,

I am working on Sigma_MHSC (DTMS0) and DTMS1 (PMIS) now. I found I have to not only define "Contscts" information but also have to define "Orgs" information and make them match in both sides (DTMS0 and DTMS1). The Org in DTMS1 is the one of the client (Org ID:006, Org Name:State Railway of Thailand Red Line Project Office) of our project. I think this is fine. What about we have more than several clients (e.g. I treat Independent Checking Engineer, Construction Supervision Consultant ... etc. as clients as well). Is it ok to make DTMS1 as PMIS1, DTMS2 as PMIS2, ... etc.?

Please let me know what you think.

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10-21-2016, 04:08 AM
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Hi Cyrous, Sigma is generally designed around having one approving authority. You will see in the Sigma database structure that DTMS1 has a special status. The approval status and submission status is derived from the approval authority DTMS1.

When you say you have multiple clients, are you saying that all of these clients may award approval codes to documents? That will indeed be very messy. It would essentially amount to multiple contract arrangements.

If on the other hand the requirement is simply to submit to the other authorities, then thats OK, you can just assign them another DTMS and they will be just like another contractor. You will probably want to set up some new stats tracking scripts and reports for them, but it does not require a structural change. You simple match the org ID and DTMS number Sigma org list with that in the actual DTMS for that org.

Its is really important to fully understand the precise contractual relationships between the parties when setting this up.

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10-21-2016, 04:59 PM
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Fred here. Cyrous' question was whether the structure of DTMS1 (nominally the "client's DTMS") will support our project structure. We send documents for approval to CSC (a construction supervision consultant hired by SRT to review the documents). We send other documents for approval to PMC (a project management consultant hired by SRT to review that type of document). We send other documents to SRT. We send and receive letters from all 3 of those parties. The 3 act collectively as 1 "client" but they are separate organizations. I think the exchanges between us and any of the 3 are completely visible to the other 2, for example.

We are trying to decide whether it would be easier to
1) make DTMS1 deal with them all, or
2) to make Sigma accept approvals from different DTMSs.
Keep in mind that these DTMSs are not yet alive, because all these organizations are a long way from accepting electronic transfer, but we would like to keep the option open for that. Our preference is for option 1), but we seek advice about the severity of structural problems.

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